The Florescent Academic

Neon cardigan, Gap Kids. V-neck tee shirt, American Eagle. Pleated floral skirt, Old Navy. Vintage leather belt and bag. Suede Bear Traps booties, thrifted. Golden apple necklace, H&M.

     Yesterday was one of those days when I truly felt like a "college student". I don't mean tossing around a frisbee and going to Sonic with my friends (that was Wednesday!), I mean that I left my dorm room at 8:00 AM and was either in class or worked on school work essentially all day afterwards. From this picture session, I went straight to Panera and studied for two hours. Not only was I feeling supremely studious today, but I felt like my outfit featured some good "academic" accessories, like my backpack and my apple necklace. 
     On a more poetic note, the droplets on the tree behind me were formed during a ten minute storm that took everyone by surprise. Our campus is right next to the hospital and the police station, so the peaceful moments post-rain are often pierced with sirens blasting to and fro. I definitely prefer to spend time away from all the hustle and bustle, appreciating the tiniest details before cramming my nose into textbooks for hours on end!


Nessa said...

That skirt is amazing!!

mochaccinoland said...

really sweet & demure outfit that exudes school girl charm <333


Madeline Quaint said...

Your pictures are always gorgeous! The pool photoshoot you mentioned on my blog sounds just wonderful too... Looking forward to seeing the pictures!

I really like the harmony of colours in your outfits, and I love it when colours return - I'm sure it's because of my longago painting lessons. :)

WearAbouts said...

that skirt is SO GORGEOUS. can't believe it's old navy! sometimes you find the most stylish things in the most unexpected places. Great with the neon cardi, too! <3
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Maria Elyse said...

The colors in this outfit are really just delightful; I love it all! :)

It makes me happy to see all the votes your photos have been getting recently on Chictopia! Way to go, girl!

Maria Elyse

Natalia L. said...

You do look like a studious girl, and very very pretty!
The skirt is so cute, I love the yellow flowers on it!

I miss living in the city, but I appreciate the quietness of the country, so I understand what you mean!

Girls that glitter love the dark

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