The Head and the Heart

     Although this is by no means a music review blog, I couldn't resist a post on one of my newest favorite bands, The Head and The Heart. Their music suits pretty much any type of day- from looking out of windows while it is raining to perhaps a sun-drenced photo shoot during a languid summer day. The pictures, above, from the band's website definitely give a sense of the kind of music that they produce. I have written about how I perceive music to inspire fashion for this post, but the visuals that I get from the self titled album (released in June 2010) are vast and beautiful. The upbeat, jazzy "Ghosts" conjures up images of a young, ambitious boy from a bygone era while many of the other tracks such as "Rivers and Roads" conjure up images of both loved ones and natural beauty (great for a long distance relationship that requires driving through the countryside...I would know!).
     What started as a fascination with their album cover (below) has now grown into a full fledged love affair with their album. For less than ten dollars on Amazon, I highly recommend the album to anyone needing creative inspiration or musical nourishment. 

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