What's in my Bag? Photo Adventure Version

Bag, H&M.

     It isn't a rare occurrence for my to have more than one camera in my purse. I typically like to cover anything that I'm shooting with both film and digital. I love seeing the slight variations across the mediums! So today I present the contents of my bag from a photo taking day.
     (From top right, clockwiseish)
     Bag: My mom and I spotted this purse in Lucky and I was lamenting that there is literally not an H&M in Tennessee until she says, "Oh, I have that bag!" and then decided to give it to me. More of a suitcase than a purse, really, but it suits camera adventure days quite well.
     Ray Bans with case: I have the most sensitive eyes, so much so that I can hardly ever wear eye makeup. I can't go anywhere without these babies.
     Necklace: This is actually a holdover from when I packed it last weekend for Thanksgiving. But I still love it and definitely feel a sense of peace when it is with me.
     Film: The cameras pictured are both of my main film cameras. I have been wanting to experiment with color film in my Canon Rebel film camera as I have my 50mm lens that works on both this camera and the digital version.  I use my Minolta for my black and white film assignments. Therefore, lots and lots of extra film always accompanies me!
     Camera charger: Boring and self explanatory!
     Moleskine planner, Knoxville Fashion Week literature, Brave New World: I literally always have at least something the write in, and my planner has one side that is ruled for quick note taking. That being said, I always have something to read as well. The KFW brochure is a glimpse into the future!
     Energel pens: I wasn't kidding about my deep love for them.
     Film cameras: My Minolta has been such a trooper after I had to retire my old Pentax K1000. I have taken some of my all time favorite shots with it, in and out of class. I haven't experimented much with this Canon, but I can't wait to see the results of the current roll!

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Kathryn said...

I love your bag! How perfect was it that your mom already had the bag?!

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