Creatures of the Wind A/W 2011-12

 Photographer: Amanda De Simone

     There are certain benefits to being a hoarder of magazines. Not only do I get upwards of 300 recycling points (which are pound for point, if that tells you anything), but when I go through my stacks and stacks for collage purposes I usually happen upon some pretty wonderful things. The design duo behind Creatures of the Win was no exception. 
     Although only one image from their fall collection was featured in the September issue of Vogue, I read their story and knew I had to have more. The duo (Shane Gabier and Chris Peters) have a design path akin to the Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte. Both sets are from nontraditional fashion cities as well as originally pursuing careers outside of fashion. I definitely hope they soon receive similar accolades as I've definitely been won over as a follower. 
     Of course, my affinity for plaid definitely played a part in my appreciation of this collection, but the other textures and the styling are wonderful as well. I particularly enjoy the play on colors: nontraditional without harping on the same color blocking hoo-haa that we've seen done to death.
     Definitely check out more of the collection here.

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