Bangs Bangs a Bangidy Bangs

Cat dress, Francesca's. Sweater and bag, vintage. Tights, Missoni for Target. Shoes, Land's End.

     As far as the monumental decisions of the world, my haircut is of little concern. However, as most other women (and men! Let's not be sexist) know, a hairstyle is a big deal. But I've been debating on getting "straight across" bangs for quite a while. I'm very glad that I did! They probably up my sweetness factor quite a bit, but if you've got it don't fight it! In other news, I'm back home for the holidays after a pretty stressful week of final portfolio reviews. I'm so excited for more posts!

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Kathryn said...

They look so amazing! Is your hair naturally curly? If so, is it hard to maintain bangs? I've always thought about getting bangs like that but I don't know if they'd be super awkward with curly hair?! Yours look great!

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