Here it Goes Again

Blouse, French Connection. Skirt, Gap. Shoes, Lands End. Bracelets, J. Crew. Sunglasses, Delia's. Bag, vintage Margaret Smith.

     Although sometimes the favorite items in a wardrobe aren't meant to go together, I am very fortunate that mine do. The items pictured here are some of the most treasured and well used pieces in my closet. They all go together to make such a ladylike combination! 
     The icing on the cake is definitely the Margaret Smith bag. I did a little bit of research, but unfortunately there aren't more pictures available from when the bags were popular (1960s era). There was actually an article from InStyle magazine attached to the purse (my favorite antique store is handy that way) describing the value and telling a little bit about the Margaret Smith line. The line actually just stopped producing clothes in 2008; however, the bags are quite valuable. Although the prices are somewhat steep for a full collection, I can definitely see myself incorporating more into my wardrobe. The colors and fabrics are so beautiful and often have illustrations of birds or floral print- two of my all time favorite motifs!
     Check out these listings for more Margaret Smith goodness: 1, 2, 3, 4.

P.S.- My hands aren't really that small, my little sister kindly modeled the bracelets for me in the third picture.

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Jade said...

That outfit looks amazing! And is your hair naturally curly like that? Jealous xx

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