Beach Trip, Film Lens

     I took a few pictures while at North Myrtle Beach on vacation before I ordered my new lens. I mostly used lenses from my Canon film cameras just for some fun experimentation. Strangely enough, the one time I relied on my digital lens to take some photographs of fireworks, it fogged up so badly I didn't get a single good picture! I love the hazy effects that the film lenses often give when paired with the digital body, and I save some money by doubling my lens collection with a simple converter! 
     The pictures are some sights that I enjoyed while at the beach. Typically I don't end up coming back with too many pictures of people, generally the surroundings are more inspiring.

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Jade said...

I love that pic with the seagull. These make me want Summer to hurry up and get here :( I love the beach. I'm so jealous xx

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