The 1940s

Sources: 1, 2,3,4,5

     My mom always tells me that if my clothing choices were to be defined by an era it would be the 1940s. Whether it be from the men or the women, the culture or the clothing, the pictures or the movies, I am endlessly inspired by the era that Life's archives call "New York's Golden Age". It was a time where American citizens were truly proud to be who they were. The movie Captain America definitely solidified my love for the black and white days of old: everything from the military uniforms to the hair and make up of the female cast sucked me in. The sources above for the photographs are great for pictures and information (and the first one includes a review of one of my favorite movies!). Not only have these inspired me as far as fashion choices go, but I am feeling inclined to take some pictures on some good ole black and white film. Luckily for me, that is probably the majority of what will be on the syllabus in my Intro to Photography class this fall...

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Bella said...

love black and white photos!!

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