Wrong Side of the Bed

Blouse, French Connection. Shorts, J. Crew. Shoes, Jeffrey Campbell.

     As mentioned earlier, I have become quite taken with night time separates for day time enjoyment. I finally decided to debut these shorts, purchased at a J. Crew outlet store. When I purchased them, I did so because of their very pajama-like appearance, which is probably what set me off in that direction of inspiration (along with the Teen Vogue editorial). The title stems from the fact that my face looks positively perturbed in these pictures- I suppose I was channeling what I really do feel like when I wake up!
     The idea behind the outfit also gave me a chance to play around with some different camera/flash settings indoors (usually I abhor flash, but I recently purchased an excellent 360 swivel head flash in a lot of old SLRs at an estate sale). Although I softened (and pink-ened) the results somewhat, the original pictures had quite nice lighting as opposed to the harsh effects that the built in camera flash gives. Maybe I will show off my bedroom more often with this discovery!


Je suis Sophie said...

Love your blouse!

doe mijn t shirt uit en mijn vel komt precies mee, ik vervel zothard

Brie Gershwin said...

I love the shirt and the shoes. :)Your room is really chill cool.

Louisa said...

Those shoes are beautiful! Lovely outfit!

Anonymous said...

I like this one a lot

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