Beautiful Dreamer

     Perhaps the languid days of summer are finally seeping into my style, or perhaps I am living up to my namesake (Ashlyn means "beautiful dream" after all), but lately I have loved the idea of incorporating chic pajamas into daytime outfits. Don't get me wrong, a flannel pajama ensemble in public makes me roll my eyes as much as the next clothes horse. But lately this editorial from the March 2009 issue of Teen Vogue has been haunting my thoughts. The editorial ranks with this one and this one as one of my all time favorites from Teen Vogue. Some of their shoots have a way of permeating every style related thought until I hunt them down in the archives (my shelf full of past issues or their website). 
     If I were to start with the pajama idea, I'd definitely start with this Kensie set and these sleep shorts. Too pretty NOT to wear out of the house!


Anonymous said...

these are awesome, I'm surprised I haven't seen them before!

Christina said...

I didn't even know that these were supposed to be pajamas until I read your blurb. They are styled so well!

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