Orange You Glad?

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     Until I am able to try something out for myself, I tend to have obsessive tendencies and determined fascination. Lately that stubborn captivation has been directed towards none other than the color orange. What started with a basic desire for orange lipstick (still unsatisfied, but because last weekend I was at the Sephora from Thursday until Sunday, I must wait to purchase this Make Up For Ever lipstick) has transformed into lusting after any shade of orange that can be inserted into my wardrobe.

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Kathryn said...

I'm not a big fan of orange (I despised it as a kid), but I do kind of like the idea of orange lipstick now after seeing these pictures. Funnily enough, the blonde looks a bit like the MC of my trilogy! (www.ataviststrilogy.com). I don't imagine that she'd wear orange lipstick herself, though...


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