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     The process of making a cyanotype is almost like anything else in photography: heavily based on chemistry. My favorite science is chemistry for the simple fact that it is so useful in art. Wikipedia defines cyanotypes as (links are clickable):
Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print. The process was popular in engineering circles well into the 20th century. The simple and low-cost process enabled them to produce large-scale copies of their work, referred to as blueprints. Two chemicals are used in the process:
     I find the prints absolutely stunning. I am so fortunate to have access to different processes at my school, and usually these blue beauties are my favorites of any pieces. Here is one of mine:
Cyanotype chemicals on water color paper.
     Cyanotype chemicals can  be applied to most fabrics and papers- the more unique the better! I personally think it would be too cool to be able to cyanotype a cotton tee shirt. The fabric squares available are great for quilts or even apparel. There are even processes to tone cyanotype prints differently(see more about that here), but that particular shade of blue is my favorite.
     If you think this would be a fun process, you can order the supplies from FreeStyle, (one of my favorite websites for alternative photography processes) and see the process step by step on Alternative Photography.

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