Operation Overhaul

Dress, Rodarte for Target. Jacket, LC by Lauren Conrad for Kohl's. Shoes, Mudd.
     This dress is one of my all time favorites. It combines my favorite material (lace) with my favorite print (floral) and tops it all off with a black satin bow- precious! I thought that the jacket would be a nice Spring wardrobe piece as I always find myself searching for a jacket that is warm enough to combat the nasty weather in the morning but not so warm that I can't wear it throughout my school day. And although the shoes aren't exactly a respected brand, those puppies are a staple in my wardrobe. The heel is the perfect height to wear to school comfortably and they are very basic.
     Something that has come to mind as I start to receive scholarship packages from the schools that I have applied to is how on earth I am going to pack away my wardrobe (and book collection for that matter) to be crammed into an even tinier space than what I have now. Because I haven't actually grown out of any of my clothes since seventh grade despite being a senior in high school, I have a tendency to hold on to old clothing, even if I don't wear it much. Rationalizing why I keep certain items basically boils down to nostalgia, but I have to get serious about weeding through my closet/garment rack to decide on what I really want to bring with me this Fall.
     And so I present Operation Overhaul. Starting on Thursday, March 17th (with a little bit of green, I'm sure) I propose to keep track of the outfits that I wear on an every day basis. Taking pictures every day won't be an easy feat, but I propose to accomplish this task for one complete and total month. During this time, I will post my daily outfits either as separate posts or on my tumblr but will not stop posting other things of interest.
     Not only will this help me put together go to outfits for the future, but it will also help me see which items I prefer the most. I want to get rid of "my messy closet" and really start to define my personal style.
     As a part of Operation Overhaul, I also intend to set up a blog boutique. This will feature vintage and new clothing items for very, very reasonable prices. I'm working on the pictures and pricing and it should be up and running soon!
     If anyone else is interested in chronicling their outfits every day (even if not for the full month), I would love to see your posts and even do features of readers' daily outfits. I am so excited to get started and hope the posts are well received.


Erika Lee Sears said...

I brought everything to college :) and left the book collection at home. In fact my mom still has my book collection and occasionally I go home and steal books.

Fashionography. said...

First of all, I love your dress and your shoes! I think this is a great idea, although I don't think I'd make time to take my own pictures every day :)

Kathryn said...

Ooh, I feel your pain. While I've outgrown and rid myself of older clothes, it's the local Goodwill Clearance Center that sells clothes by the pound that's done me in. Every time I go over to my boyfriend's apartment, I cringe as I try to figure out how all of my stuff will fit in one tiny closet. Even with my big closet at home, I've been resorting to stuffing - er, stacking - piles of clothes in some empty shelves in the guest room. Like you, I'm also going to open up a shop (think I'll go with smashion) to make parting with this stuff less painful and maybe even profitable.

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