Coloring Book

Images and video via Kate Spade.
     Doesn't this "Live Colorfully" ad campaign just make you want to blow up balloons, eat cake, splatter paint, create, love, and laugh? Or is that just me....
     I am so in love with the little briefcase bags in the punchy colors, and even the clothes. I spy a graduation present! For more eye candy, head over to the Kate Spade tumblr and of course, continue to live colorfully.

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Kathryn said...

If I was driving on that street, I would A. be totally freaked out and B. cope by pulling over for a neopolitan ice cream.

BTW, you commented on my post on Chictopia about guys and fashion. I fixed that setting (silly me), so people should me able to comment. Thanks for pointing it out!

And a random thing - I'm 17 as well, but I'm a sophomore in college. Definitely better than high school. The freedom is refreshing.

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