A Very Holga Spring Break

     Holga photography is nothing new for experimental photographers and film enthusiasts. The often called "dreamy" effects lead to many,. many rolls of color film being used. Whether you prefer 35 or 120mm film, I suggest using a little extra money to get whichever Holga model you prefer. Of course, there are more options for Lomography enthusiasts, but as of publishing this post, I am loyal to my two Holga models.
     I took these pictures on last year's spring break. I was visiting College of Charleston and spent a few days in the city. It really is a great vacation destination, as I tend to prefer cities that are close to the beach but not necessarily on the beach. My favorite shot is the triple (quadruple?) exposure on the very bottom.


Fashionography. said...

That last picture is stunning! How did you do that??

Orla xx said...

great pictures, love the last one! xx

Yvette said...

great pictures!

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