The Little Things:002

The Little Things: 002
  • Abandoned buildings: Living in a fairly agricultural state, I often see a lot of abandoned farms and other types of buildings. Oddly enough, this building used to be a restaurant and is now on a main highway. It's weird how these things tend to slip through the cracks, but I truly admire the beauty in things falling apart.
  • Fat stack of magazines: I have magazines from the January to the March issue just waiting to be dissected. I always do an initial run though with magazines and then come back later to rip/cut out every single thing I find inspiring.
  • The Triple Bind: This book essentially sums up what it is like to be a girl nowadays, with a nice shout out to blogging and the internet. It actually shows the true nature of societies pressures on girls and divides it into (you guessed it) three contradictory expectations that are usually had for girls today.
  • Seeing my work on display: There is something wildly gratifying about seeing something I put so much hard work in hanging on the walls for an art show. 
What little things are you loving this week?


Fashionography. said...

That books looks interesting, I may have to read it soon :) And how exciting to have your work on display!!

yiqin; said...

The way it is displayed is so pretty!

Jade said...

Fab pics. Wish I could take photo's like that.


Brie Gershwin said...

That is awesome that your work was on display...I want to read that book Triple Bind, sounds like a good read which Ive been looking for recently..:)


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