Sunday Shopping Guide: Jazzy Jewels

1. Cirtine Drop Necklace, $20: Chase Dakota on Etsy
2. Rageddy Ann Necklace, $120: Lenora Dame
3. Pyrite Cluster Galaxy Necklace, $27: Chase Dakota on Etsy
4. Muted Soiree Necklace, $130: Lenora Dame
5. Key Bracelet, $15: Urban Outfitters
6. Crow Skull Ring, $85: LAS Jewelry
7. Pipeline Bracelet, $42: LAS Jewelry
8. Crystal Crater Ring, $158: Free People
9.  Spine Duster, $100: Verameat

     If I could be any type of apparel designer, I would love to just dream up pretty baubles all day long. I love jewelry that just has "it". Although the YSL arty rings are lovely statement pieces, I wanted to shine the light on some jewelry that hasn't had quite as much time in the limelight. These are my choices for some lesser known but just as beautiful pieces. I tried to feature independent designers, but the bracelet from Urban and ring from Free People (designer unknown) were too lovely to pass up! I consider these pieces inspiration to save and create!


Fashionography. said...

These pieces are amazing! I especially love the Free People ring.

yiqin; said...

The ring is a must have.

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