I'm Not Afraid

 Plaid shirt, American Eagle. Cotton shorts, Forever 21. Saddle shoes, Bass. Sunglasses, Ray Ban. Lipstick, Nars in Schiap. Pictures taken with Diana 38mm wide angle lens for Canon EOS cameras.
     Today was one of those days where the joy was almost tangible. The perfection of today is still buzzing happily in my soul. I suppose that sounds a little dramatic. But today I: slept in the perfect amount, finished an inspiring novel, ate Girl Scout cookies, found some almost painfully perfect vintage goodies, took pictures for my AP concentration (which I cannot discuss on the blog until after receiving my scores in the summer- I am paranoid!), bought fabric for a fashion design competition with some friends, ate dinner with someone who I cherish greatly, brought my boyfriend a key lime pie, got a cranberry slush from Sonic and treated my boyfriend to an orange slush, and now I am posting this! 
     The weather was perfect all day and tonight I felt like I could see every star. Along with these facts, I think the small adjustments in my outfit tastes makes me feel brighter, too. This shirt always gets noticed- in a good way! When I was purchasing it at American Eagle (don't judge), the boy behind the register even commented that he loved the colors. I felt like the feel of the outfit was better represented by the Diana lens, besides, I bet Diana was feeling neglected.
     I hope everyone had as wonderful of a day as I did, and continues to have them!


Fashionography. said...

Definitely not judging about the American Eagle thing! I think they can have some really cute pieces, as long as you add your own touch to them. (as you did, I might add!) If you don't, I find you'll end up looking like everyone else.

Francesca said...

Those brogues are amazing. Beautiful shots.

http://opinionslave.blogspot.com xx

Diana said...

Great pictures and your shoes are so cute!
I want them!!!!

Jessica Shearing said...

I can feel your joy just from looking at your pictures and reading this post!

Thank you for you comment!


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