You're Always Looking Back

     The photoshoot I concocted today sprung from another vision I had of three of my favorite pair of shoes on the same staircase. However, the creative juices got flowing and I decided that the still life set up was a much more accurate representation of my tastes lately. Basically, if I could turn the first picture into an outfit, I would. In fact, that is my goal for school and/or date night tomorrow!
     Although for 365 project I am only "required" to take, edit, and post one picture a day (follow those ventures on my tumblr,here), I ended up with 119. A few of those were photographs for other posts. Here is a sneak peak of what is coming up tomorrow!


sian said...

gorgeous photos!! i love the feel xx

sbot said...

Thank you, love the saddle shoes.



Kate said...

Amazing, creative photos! I love the idea of a post a day for a year- can't wait to see tomorrows. I hope you keep it up :)

Caroline said...

Ahh, i love the old books, they're so pretty! The photo everyday idea sounds so great, i'd love to do that hehe!
Thanks loads for the tips with the photography and your kind comment!

chloe said...

yeah! those shoes are so great! I've tried 365 projects before, good luck with it! (:

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