Sunday Shopping Guide: American Classics

1. Customizable slim modern field country polo, $135: Ralph Lauren
2. Jumbo musette bag, $15.49: Army Navy Deals
3.All American low cowboy boot, $228: Tommy Hilfiger
4. Champion canvas originals, $35: Keds
5. The Ashton messenger bag, $525: Dooney & Bourke
6. Full woven skirt (3- Pack), $90: American Apparel
7. AE striped tailored shirt, $39.50: American Eagle
8. Polo Ralph Lauren Wimbledon blazer, $245 or $450 : eBay 1, eBay 2
9. Slight curve straight leg in vintage dark, $69.50: Levi's

We all do it. Entertaining fantasies of living in another country is a common theme among those who suffer from an incurable case of wanderlust. The people, the sights, the smells: all alluring aspects of "leaving on a jet plane". However, for fashion minded people the first images that come to mind are of the clothes. Although I, too, have a great appreciation for the signature Breton stripes of the French Riveria, I also greatly admire simple stateside classics. Although showing patriotism through purchasing items from American designers could be a pricey undertaking for my budget, I can happily dream.

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Alynne Leigh said...

oooh! the BOOTS! :)
i'm in love.

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