Project Restyle Week 2: Chain Glove

     After seeing this picture Monday on flickr, I knew I had to attempt to create something similar:
     Therefore I present this week's Project Restyle:
Blog pictured, here.

     Although this week's project was not my own brainchild, I have been lusting after a similar piece of jewelry all week. I'm fascinated by odd accessories. Instead of settling for keeping a somewhat lackluster necklace, I wanted to have something that I am truly proud of. Now, I can't wait to build an entire outfit around my lovely new chain glove!

P.S.: If you haven't checked out Project Restyle yet, it isn't too late! Just click here or on my banner in the side bar to read all about it. I highly suggest it if you are a vintage or craft lover!


ANN said...

Ah your chain glove is amazing!

LaU said...

amazing chain glove!


Cylia said...

ohh this is such a great diy! this should be in a magazine or something:p and I can't seem to find your playlist with acoustic songs in it:( im very much interested!

Her name is Sophie said...

Awesome DIY!
I've tried it once myself but I din't have good chains, I'll try it definitely over again with this as my example!
thanks for sharing!

x Je suis Sophie

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