Project Restyle Week 1: Lace + Stripes


     Although I fell in love with this little number the moment I saw it on the rack at Forever 21, the skirt is just that: little. After a drier mishap (why I usually don't hesitate to do my own laundry), the lovely striped beauty became about an inch too short to wear to school. As I am modest to begin with, I decided to take matters into my own hands and turn the skirt into my Project Restyle task of the week. I can now say I am thoroughly excited to wear a skirt that otherwise would have sat untouched until the summer.

P.S. Get the lovely tape clip art from Pugly Pixel, a super cute design resource for bloggers and other creatives.

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ALYCE said...

Hey Ashlyn!
Thanks for the kind comment you posted on my blog :) I'll look out for those sketching books you mentioned - they sound really cool.
I love what you've done to this skirt! Very creative!


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