The Family of Man

     Although my OCD tendencies with formatting tend to conflict with long posts like this, I am making an exception for this book. I always scour the shelves of my local used book store for interesting photography and fashion books. When I headed to my usual spot among the volumes of photographs, I spotted Edward Steichen's name on the spine of this one and decided to pick it up. I love his work, so it was no surprise that this collection of photographs that he curated was breathtaking.
   I may have only paid three dollars for this book, but I will cherish it forever.


yiqin; said...

Nice :)

Sofi Stellar said...

I love these photos! I really like the one of the mom and son laying on the blanket...it's just such a beautiful and touching photo. I like the one of the girl with the line of school children, too.

Claudia said...

I really love these pictures they are beautiful

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