Sunday Shopping Guide: Spending Gift Money

1. Lizard skull ring, $83: Etsy
2. Bird skull ring, $18: Urban Outfitters
3. The Worn 1460 Boot,$120: Dr. Marten's
4. Diana lens for dSLR cameras, $60: Photojojo
5. Jeffrey Campbell floral wedges, $80: Modcloth
6. Leopard cardigan, $40: J. Crew
7. Cucumber Sandwiches dress,$80 :Modcloth
8. Blooming Brush Strokes dress, $65: Modcloth
9. Lines and Dots Romper, $40: Modcloth
10. Fujifilm Neopan 1000 Black and White Film, $4.35: East Coast Photo
11. Leather Chloe inspired wedges,$55 :ASOS
12. Rough stone ring, $28: Urban Outfitters
13. Hot Shots,$12: Amazon
14. The Ellements of Personal Style,$25 : Amazon

It is an all too familiar scene. The wrapping paper is strewn about, the hot chocolate mustaches have been wiped away, and the kids are already glued to the latest electronic gadget that Santa brought. However, what are those who received cash (or giftcards, or checks, or etc.) to do in order to feel the rush of getting new things?

If you are anything like me, you spend it.

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