Patterned dress, Shop Ruche (old) Black sweater coat, Pull & Bear. Madrid hat, Nasty Gal (similar). Black tights, Urban Outfitters. Black Chelsea boots, TBA. Leather purse, vintage from Liverpool (found at Ark).Vintage leather gloves. 

     Believe it or not, these pictures weren't taken in a remote location. In fact, this little grove of pine trees is more on the beaten path than off of it. Luckily though, despite this thicket being right behind the soccer field on campus, soccer isn't in season. I avoided being that weird girl taking pictures of herself, at least for these pictures anyways. 
     This is definitely one of my favorite outfits that I've put together since starting school and getting back from my adventures abroad. I purchased the purse and sweater while I was in the UK and trust me, they've both gotten a lot of wear since then. Some of my purchases were far less practical, as vacation buys can be on occasion. But let's be honest, I didn't spend three weeks overseas for the practicality of it. 
     While I'm glad that the weather is warming up (especially this week in Tennessee- it'll get up to 70!), my wardrobe largely consists of colors that are better suited for cooler temperatures. I especially love the rich combination of black with the color of leather on my gloves and bag. I know I'll be able to achieve a similar effect with fewer layers, but I'll be the first to admit that I will be a bit sad to put away my favorite sweaters once spring truly arrives. 
     I'm in the midst of the beginning stages of spring semester, including starting a new internship today! That being said, I can't wait to upload all of my snapshots from my travels, even if they will seem a bit out of season by the time I finally put them up. We all know that the first few days of spring are a tease anyways.


Jenna Condon said...

toooo cute : ) love the background


B Ruhamania said...

Fantastic. x

Madhu Singh said...

Ah I missed your posts! I wish I could wear an outfit like this but alas...it has become warm in Texas (Actually, I'm pretty happy about it because I am not cut out for the cold we had been having. I don't even have a proper winter coat!)

I'm not sure other people would be interested in this---but could you do a post about what you're studying in uni and why it inspires you? And maybe tie some outfits into that? Because I find that my studies in university do influence my style! I usually study in coffee shops and listen to certain songs on spotify while doing so---and i feel like it all falls under my "lifestyle". Like, Radio/Television/Film majors look similar/English majors look similar/Natural Science etc etc (huge generalization, obvs there are exceptions)

Sorry if that made no sense!! If any of that inspires a blog post then I'll be happy

Rhiannon McLeod said...

I just love vintage or thrifted anything! You look great in this dress, I love the colour on you :) and your photographs have that older vintage look which I love!

Also, I wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award. You can get the details in this post on my blog, http://happyleaps.blogspot.ca/2014/02/liebster-blog-award.html?m=1

You don't have to participate if you don't want to, but I just wanted you to know that I love your blog!

Love Rhiannon

Anonymous said...

Nice, I would have preferred some cowboy boots with the outfit. The "chelsea boots" look a little too Urban Outfitters.

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