Much Happy. Very Smile.

Denim jacket, crewcuts. Rolling Stones tank top and sunglasses, TJ Maxx. BDG high waisted jeans, Urban Outfitters. Chelsea boots, Marshalls. 5-zip purse, Rebecca Minkoff.
2013 was a particularly hard year for my family because we lost a member. I don't mean a person necessarily, but we had to put my dog, Rocky, who we have had since I was six years old, to sleep. While my younger dog, Pebbles, featured here, is still alive, my whole family feels the hole that Rocky left. Pebbles was especially affected given that Rocky was a big brother figure to her. However, we have been able to shower Pebbles with twice the amount of love since Rocky's death. It's the least we could do for her. Anyways, I used to think that I was definitively a cat person. I have cat-like tendencies myself, preferring my own company, etc. However, at some point, my preferences shifted. Because I'm more of a quiet loner, I prefer people and animals who are quite different from me. My spirit is more attracted to that of dogs and dog people, so slowly, I've started to prefer the idea of having a lovely dog of my own one day. I'm not sure what kind I want, but I can't wait for the day that my pup gets to come home with me. And for those of you who spend as much time on the Internet as I do, you'll recognize the title of this post as being from the Doge meme that has catapulted to popularity recently. I found it and thought that none of my friends would think it is as funny as I do, but quickly realized that we all share an affinity for the doge. We even spent an entire Christmas party speaking just like the cute little shiba-inu. I'm glad that I have people who find such quirky things humorous, or I'd do a lot of laughing to myself.

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