Mostly Black

Black dress with bow, H&M. Denim jacket, crewcuts. Madrid hat, Nasty Gal. Leather knee high boots, dv Dolce Vita (similar). Tights, Missoni for Target (similar). Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse.

     My mother and I have a running joke that she is Morticia and I'm Wednesday Addams. This was after I dressed up as Wednesday for Halloween, compiling the costume out of things in my closet. She later told me that there is a picture of her with a vase of "flowers" with their blooms cut off- just the stems- that was taken of her when she was younger and playing like she was Morticia. Whenever my family does something well, kooky, we have a habit of humming the Addams family theme under our breath.
      Anyways, part of the reason why I'm particularly inclined to like Wednesday is my affinity for black. Black reminds me of Johnny Cash more than anything, though, so I'm just fine with it being the dominant neutral in my wardrobe. My mom has softened up a bit and prefers brown, but I'm not sure I'll ever make the shift. I actually wrote a column about my love of black for my school paper, should you want to read even more about the obsession.
     I know this outfit isn't entirely black, but I usually reach for a black item as my base. I usually mix the shade with denim or a cream colored neutral item to soften it a wee bit, but when I'm wearing all black I feel like I can easily take my day in stride.


Ramida Dusdeevutikul said...

Great look
Happy New Year<3


LinnaeDesign said...

Such a wonderful outfit! Love it! <3

xx Linnae from LinnaeDesign

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