Everyday Armor

Studded sweatshirt, c/o Others Follow. BDG Oxford and High-Rise Twig jeans in Black, Urban Outfitters. Jeffrey Campbell Tardy platforms, Bib + Tuck. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse.

     When you wear a sweatshirt with studded shoulders, the day doesn't usually mess with you. It's not that I could do any real damage with the little silver guys (they aren't actually spikes, after all), but my whole attitude about the day changes whenever I throw on this particular piece of armor. This sweat shirt from Others Follow is comforting with its fleece lined fabric, but at the same time it sends a certain vibe of "I got this." to anyone who crosses my path. For that reason, it is a favorite of mine to don during tests or emotionally stressful days.
     That's my favorite thing about fashion. Even when I am feeling completely down, hopeless even, I can still pull something out of my closet that will make me feel a bit more in control. I don't feel perfect, of course. But knowing that I can still choose how to present myself every single day reminds me of just how lucky I am. Not only do I remind myself to be positive, but how I dress will ultimately affect how other people treat me during the day. Perhaps it's a cyclical effect: I'm more confident and therefore more people take me seriously. Or perhaps it is that people treat me differently because, as my dad commented on my Instgram selfie with this sweater, I look like a road warrior.


Melanie Wiscount said...

The power of dress and style! I'm a believer! It's one of the reasons I tend to "overdress". I want people to wander where I came from or where I am going. Whether I slip into a sexy pair of heels, a form-fitting suit or my black leather chaps when I am riding, I feel in control and empowered!

Glad someone else recognizes the power of the thread...or heel. ;)

Sonya Mann said...

I really love that fashion can be a form of self care. That's the reason I started getting really interested in personal style, and it's one of my primary forms of emotional protection. I find that lipstick also helps.

And by the way, you look adorable! Those shoes are excellent.

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree that fashion makes me feel more in control of my identity/mood! It can totally brighten my day to put on a great outfit and do my hair and makeup and just feel completely beautiful. I love your studded sweatshirt!

Xo, Hannah


Charmaine said...

You are ROCKING those Jeffrey Campbell's. I hope they put a little extra strut in your step.

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