Horn of Plenty

White button up, thrifted. Imogene Slim jeans, Imogene + Willie  Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Plaid pocket square, J. Crew. Jeffrey Campbell Minimal lace-up heels, Free People. Wayfarer sunglasses, Ray-Ban.

     One of the many perks to living in a charming little town is the abundance of quirky coffee places, independent retailers, and of course, organic grocery stores. Considering a lot of produce is grown right here in my home state, there are wonderful, local grocers that I frequent for fresh fruit and anything else you can imagine. 
     Although I had already visited a store called The Market many times because it is walking distance from campus, I only recently paid a (long overdue) visit to another little store, Horn of Plenty. I've admired their lovely displays of flowers for some time as I drove past the store; however, I can now officially give them my seal of approval. The watermelon that I bought from them was the best watermelon I've ever eaten, no exaggeration. Not to mention the fact that the employees were kind enough to let me wander around their greenhouses and outdoor displays taking as many pictures as I wanted. I even used the store as the location for July's Shoe of the Month photo shoot for Style of Civilization.
     While it's really too hot to get as much out of my beloved Imogene + Willie jeans right now, I know that I will be living in them come fall. They are the perfect staple for an Americana driven wardrobe. Rigid denim sure is tough to break in (Which is why I wore my pair for four days straight. I might have even attempted to nap in them just to try and make them more comfortable). But I know that the break in period will be worth it when I have the best fitting, longest lasting pair of jeans in my repertoire. 


Milex said...

everybody loves you.

Anonymous said...

These photos are so vibrant and colorful! I love the last two shots of the watermelons and peaches- my favorites! Your jeans fit you perfectly and they are so versatile!

Xo, Hannah


Mostly Lisa said...

Seriously love your style and the photography in your posts is gorgeous! But I completely agree with the perks of living in a small city! So much fun. :D

Mostly Lisa

Vicki said...

These photos are so pretty and vibrant! And I love your outfit as well! Those jeans are perfect.

Decked Out in Ruffles

Ester Durães said...

oh my, your shoes!! they're so damn pretty! :)
Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

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