Striped crop top, American Apparel. Denim vest, American Eagle (similar here). Red City Mini, J. Crew. Patent red belt, Forever 21. Deena & Ozzy heels, Urban Outfitters (sold out). La Mer wrap watch. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Rounded tortoiseshell sunglasses, Target

     Occasionally, the best outfit philosophy is to reach for several items you can't stop wearing and put them all together. This denim vest and crop top have been in heavy rotation during spring and I can see them easily translating into my summer wardrobe as well. While the red J. Crew skirt that I've paired them with is more of a fall and winter piece because of the fabric, I love the basic cut and color. My style has been gearing more and more towards simple pieces with a bit of a twist that makes them special; I feel as though this outfit really captures that ideal.
    The hardest part of transitioning into a more streamlined style is accepting the fact that I should probably get rid of about half of my clothes. For some reason or other- be it sentimental or stubborn- I have a pretty hard time knowing when it is time to let go of something. I don't fluctuate much in sizing, if at all, which makes the practicality of getting rid of some pieces even more of a grey area. What are your tips for cleaning out your wardrobe? I could definitely use some help right now!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

the skirt and shoes are perfect!! The floral garden is wonderful as well!


Jenna Condon said...

How pretty! Love the background.
Following <3
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Chelsea Elizabeth said...

I always find your outfit posts so inspiring! It seems like we have a few similar pieces so you're the perfect style blogger to come to when Im stuck in a rut.
And I feel ya, I have such a hard time letting go of things. I just got rid of a few things for our annual yard sale and how I went through it was I got rid of anything that didn't fit nearly perfect or anything I haven't worn in over a year. Hope that helps a little bit!

Melina said...

Love this look! Such easy and chic summer dressing!

Kitsune-kun said...

love the rose garden! stunning!..I have no advise, as I do the EXACT same thing. uuhhh.

Maggie J. said...

Typically, if I try something in my closet on and am wavering, I just get rid of it. Also, If I haven't worn it in months, and still don't reach for it, it's time for it to go. My blog is a good way for me to get rid of things. Sometimes I'll be alright with how something looks in the mirror, but I don't like the way it looks in my blog photos. If that's the case, I'm more willing to let the item go.

Cute outfit - I love the denim vest.

2ndhand Knowledge

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