Handmade Threads: Family Affairs

     When it comes to finding unique, high-quality clothing that you can be proud of, it's always nice to stumble across handmade clothing that you love. Recently, I have been leaning more towards investments pieces that I've fallen in love with rather than trendy, run of the mill items at retail chains. I want to dedicate Tuesday evenings to brands that I just get. This will mainly highlight apparel that is made in the USA, but I wanted to start with Family Affairs because I'm simply in love with their aesthetic. 
     There isn't a collection that the mother/daughter team behind Family Affairs has created that I haven't liked. I've been following their rise since first spotting a few of their designs on Rebecca of The Clothes Horse. I must say that not a season goes by when I'm not inspired by the work that Nina and Kaya Egli are doing. With some brands and retail stores, it is obvious why some things are put "on sale"; however, the discounted items from Family Affairs are equally stunning as the new arrivals. The simple yet striking designs are destined to become wardrobe favorites that you'll reach for time and time again.
     Personally, I am so drawn to the Swedish Summer dress from last spring's collection. One of the best things about the Family Affairs website is the little descriptions of the clothing. Go ahead, get lost in the beauty. 

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