Blossoming Lessons

Striped crop top, American Apparel. Orange circle skirt, boutique warehouse sale. Belt and vintage Cole Haan loafers, thrifted. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. 

     This spring, I've learned quite a few lessons from the blooming trees. While they certainly are beautiful, the beauty is a frail and fleeting aspect of what makes the tree so wonderful. For instance, star magnolia trees, which I posed next to here, seem to only be full of petals for a few days before a strong wind or rain comes and knocks them all off. I've been trying to remember what the trees from this particular post are called, but even just a week after I snapped these shots, they are mainly leafy with most of the blooms fallen.
     Sometimes, I like to file photoshoot locations away, saving them for some mystical date when I'm dressed better or when I think they will be more magical. But this spring, as soon as I see a location I enjoy, I've been shooting there. Jumping the gun has allowed me to capture some of the most beautiful moments this spring. Shortly thereafter, I look at the trees and see them transformed into their green and leafy forms.
     I haven't regretted being able to capture such splendidness this spring, so I'm applying this lesson to other areas of life as well. Impulsiveness isn't always a bad thing. I'll be the first to admit that I have to think through every hypothetical situation before actually taking the jump and doing something. But usually, the risk is worth the reward. 


Rachel Sullivan said...

I'm glad you took a chance! These pictures are beautiful.


Zaira Bandeira said...

Cute, adorable look :)

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