The Study of Love

Herringbone blazer, oxford button up, thrifted. High waisted wool trousers, Madewell (previous season). Glittery belt,Target. Bike clock necklace, c/o Frock Stock. Lace up heeled boots, ModCloth (sold out). Great Gatsby tote, Out of Print Clothing. Black wrap watch, La Mer Wanderlust Collection

     There are few things in life that I love more than being a student. In one of my freshman orientation classes, the teacher discussed the types of people who are life-long learners, those who would love to paid just to be a student. School and classwork stresses me out much less than stereotypical college social situations. Naturally, that means that spending time among dusty books and ink staining my hands from annotating textbooks is something that yes, I actually enjoy. While my degree path isn't the most academic of choices, there's something to be said about delving into difficult texts or staying up late to write a paper. 
     That being said, as much of an academic as I like to think of myself as, I know that I can't deduce everything down to a science. One of the most popular classes taught at Maryville College is called Intimate Relationships. It's a social science class that delves into the ins and outs of the reasons behind why people are attracted to one another. A lot of attraction comes down to being a good genetic match with someone, but (and this isn't just because it is Valentine's Day) I refuse to believe that's all there is to it. Where's the fun in diminishing the awe behind romance?
     Whether or not I'm a student, I think I'll always have a soft spot for academic outfits, though. Something about this little boys' blazer that I picked up from Goodwill mixed with my high waisted trousers made me feel professorial in the very best of ways. 

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Zuley said...

The little boys section is awesome. And I am quite envious of the fact that you can wear the heck out of these trousers.


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