Splurge vs Save: Exfoliating Facial Brushes

     Winter is the worst season for my skin. While admittedly I slather on oily sunscreens and get plenty of sweat in my pores from running during the warmer months, my skin is sensitive and dry. The humidity of a Tennessee summer only helps it out. However, one lifesaver that I have found for my skin this winter has been my Olay facial brush. I have heard great reviews about the Clarisonic version and several magazines and blogs have lauded the product. However, as a college student who was experiencing break outs that I wanted to fix right then, I couldn't really afford to drop that kind of money on a whim. Instead, I made a midnight run to WalMart (my history with my skin is pretty emotional) and picked up an entire spectrum of Olay products for less than what one Clarisonic brush would have cost. My skin is actually returning to balance and normalcy.
     While everyone has different skin and a variety of products might work, the best solution for my recent crazy breakouts was a gentle, moisturizing cleanser used with the Advanced Cleansing System and lotion from Olay. The exfoliating cleanser that comes with the brush is completely wonderful, but the sample doesn't last long. Overall, if your skin is feeling dry and flaky this winter, I highly recommend trying at least the Olay version of a cleansing brush!

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Madhu Singh said...

So glad you posted this! I've been looking at the Clarisonic Mia for ages now but I just wouldn't be able to afford it for awhile. However, I can definitely do the Olay one---good to know it works on acne too!

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