In the Details

Blue coat, Jack by BB Dakota (no longer available; read this to find out why!). Yellow floral blouse and mustard tights, Target. Black circle skirt, Vince Camuto. Black rain boots, Steve Madden. Vintage leather Dooney & Bourke purse. Knitted infinite scarf, handmade by my friend Sarah. 

     On bitterly cold days like this one a few Fridays ago, the pleasure is in the details. It's true that I wasn't awoken by the blinding brightness of snow outside of my window (quite the rarity here). Instead, I peacefully slept in because class had been cancelled the night before. While there wasn't a snow flake in sight, the threat of something much more dangerous loomed: an ice storm. And an ice storm is exactly what we got. Almost every surface,from tree branches to car windows, was frozen. It was a "shut in" kind of day, but I still wanted to venture outside and take a peek around.
     Similarly, little details can completely throw me off. For example, I make it a habit to remove hair ties (ponytail holders, etc. They are known by many names.) from my wrist before any photo shoot. In fact, whenever someone else is modeling for me, removing the elastic is the first thing I tell them to do. I hardly ever wear them around  my wrist because the red marks they leave just make me feel as though circulation is not what it should be. But, wouldn't you know it, for these photos, I accidentally left one there.
     It seems completely insignificant, I know. It's a hair tie. I feel as though all girls have worn them on their wrists at some point and choosing not to does not somehow elevate me. But it's funny to see what people get caught up in. Despite how beautiful everything was while encased in ice, all I can see is a brown piece of elastic. And I'm working on changing that. 



Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Love those last two photos! And your outfit is gorgeous. I love the mustard floral pattern blouse.
Almost Endearing

Wil Harris said...

Love the mustard yellow color and your hot pink lips! You look super cute. Lol about the hair tie.
XO Wil Harris

Vera said...

The photos are so beautiful and inspiring! This shirt is adorable and looks great with the skirt! :)

Melina said...

I just found your blog and absolutely adore your style! Love that top and those boots are amazing! Hope you enjoyed your ice day! :)

Carly Maddox said...

Wow, I am just in love with the colors in your outfit! So perfect ♥

Taylor Rice said...

Hi! I love this outfit so much! I have seen a few other of your outfits and they are so cute! I'm also a Teen Vogue fashion click blogger http://fashionclick.teenvogue.com/user/taylor-rice and my blog is taylorricefashion.blogspot.com My pinterest, twitter, and instagram is taylorrice96 :)

Zuley said...

Matching yellow is good with me. That skirt is amazing. I really need a circl skirt!


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