Going Places

Floral Rococo dress, c/o Oasis. Cotton motorcycle jacket, Hurley. Leopard print belt, Target. Red mini wedges, Prabal Gurung for Target (available in stores only). Pistachio Jubilee necklace, Ruche. Staten Island Clutch in Mint, Francesca's.  

     I've always had a fascination with the idea of traveling by train. The hustle and bustle of old school train stations in movies has always left me with a romantic notion of beautiful women dressed to the nines to visit faraway friends and beaus. This notion was only exaggerated when I took a beautiful train ride from Providence, Rhode Island right into New York City while on college visits during my senior year of high school. I wasn't quite dressed as nicely as I am in these pictures, but from now on I vow to travel in a similar style. 
     This dress that I received from Oasis is the perfect blank slate. I realize that the print seems pretty loud, but I've already worn the dress in several different styles and have been equally thrilled each time. This particular outfit was inspired by my love of traveling. I'd like to imagine that this is what the modern woman of taste would wear if we all still dressed up for our journeys. While the outfit looks overly formal, the material is all breathable cotton and therefore doesn't wrinkle easily and is very comfortable. I added the mixed color palettes and prints to add a personal touch to the printed dress.
     I'm fortunate enough to have these stationery trolleys permanently located on my college campus. I believe these Ruby Tuesday sponsored trolleys used to shuffle people around the area, including throughout Gatlinburg. Now, however, the two on my campus are simply relics: their dusty old batteries grace the entryway and their back doors are forever open, leading curious photographers like me to wander inside. 


Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

Beautiful dress and photos! And that old train is so cool.
Almost Endearing

Kelsey Elizabeth said...

wahhh you're making those target wedges look even more beautiful! I have not a dime left in my shoe budget unfortunately haha

Madhu Singh said...

Like actually though why doesn't my university have anything as cute as this. i want old trolleys! my hometown had one but nobody could go in it. and i think it was taken away.

Kailey said...

These pictures are SO gorgeous, and this pot has definitely made me want those Target shoes *_* <3

Kitsune-kun said...

oh my gosh this is the coolest location! what an awesome place to have at your disposal!

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