Some Thoughts on "Sexy"

     When I think of the way I would describe myself, one of the last words I would use (or even want to use) is "sexy". I find anything to do with being hot, sexy, or any other stereotypical lust inducing adjective just plain awkward. It's been this way since everyone else got boobs and I got nothin'. I'm an Audrey, not a Marilyn; a Mary Anne, not a Ginger. I realize that indicating that these two types of personas can't exist in one woman is a common, misguided trope. Even though she might wear short skirts and you might wear tee shirts (hey T. Swift), there's no reason why we can't all have our very own unique brand of appeal. That appeal, in fact, can have very little to do with sex, which when you get right down to it, is what the word sexy is all about.
     That being said, although I'm a firm believer that I should own up to my specific cute vibe instead of feeling silly in more va-va-voom duds, I've always had a soft spot for beautiful bustiers. When choosing  my piece from the "Sensuale" line of Vedette Shape Wear, my eyes were delighted by the feminine shape and color of the Floriana bustier. Once again, I've styled the piece in two looks, using the shape wear as a base.

Lace shirt with peter pan collar, gift from my mother. Floriana bustier, c/o Vedette. Mustard pleated skirt, Gap. Velvet ballet flats, American Eagle (old). 

     For my day time look, I was inspired by my love of all things relating to the school girl aesthetic. Of course, an outfit wouldn't be my own if there weren't slight tweaks to that idea, like the vibrant color of my pleated skirt and the sheer lace shirt. Coupled with some more modest elements, the Floriana made the absolute perfect base for my otherwise see through top. Also, little did I know, I have many items that match the bustier perfectly, including the two pairs of shoes that I've worn it with.

Floriana bustier, c/o Vedette. Metallic brocade skirt, Francesca's. Black cardigan, J. Crew. Gretta magenta platform heels, Steve Madden (past season). 

     This night time look was definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone- at first. I love hassle free clothing for events which is precisely why I don't think I'll ever own another strapless dress. But the hyper feminine shape that the outfit gave me was something I had to get used to. Of course, I did have my security cardigan so all that was really showing was some nice décolletage and lots of leg. However  great this outfit might have been for a club, it's still a little awkward to be in an outfit like this when your mom is taking pictures of you (hi mom!). 

     I'm completely satisfied with both of my picks from Vedette, but the Floriana is really above and beyond most items of this type. I wore it comfortably all day,even to a delicious dinner, and it didn't feel snug or out of place the whole time. I obviously have an affinity for that particular shade of purple so I was glad to be able to mix some rich tones together to create some truly one of a kind looks. But the greatest thing I got out of styling this piece was reaffirming the notion of finding your own notion of sexy. And whether or not you think that's wearing a bustier top or rocking boyfriend jeans and oversized sweaters, that is totally your call.


Anonymous said...

I love that mustard pleated skirt, as well as your blog!


Kitsune-kun said...

the evening outfit is sooooo pretty! love the deep violet and gold together!

Ani said...

I really do relate to you in so many ways about feeing "sexy". I'm the girl in my family who didn't really get the awesome boobs that my mom and sister got so my whole life I've feel unsexy, but this is really inspiring me to thinking through ways to look more feminine without looking slutty, cause you don't look like that at all. You just look classy!

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