Neon Peach

Neon peach blouse, grey vest, Target. Grey skinny jeans, Gap. Mint clutch, Francesca's. Glitter ankle booties, Princess by Vera Wang (available only in size 6 online). Black wrap watch, La Mer Wanderlust Collection.

     This blouse is one of the few items in my wardrobe that I don't believe pictures do justice. While typically I'm amazed at how photogenic some of my apparel is, the color of this particular shirt is fairly hard to capture on camera. I'm not usually one for an overdose of pastels, but this unique shade caught my eye and I couldn't leave Target without this blouse. 
     Although I can't deny the fact that it was a total impulse buy (along with the vest, which was six dollars in store at Target), I've learned to be cautious about what I leave behind. I know that the world doesn't stop turning just because I'm never able to find that perfect whatever it is in stores after I've decided to deliberate. Heck, I should probably count myself lucky that I don't get every item of clothing I want all the time. But when I know something will bring me joy every single day that I wear it, I'm sure to snap it up then and there.
     The way I think about clothing and style has changed significantly since I started this blog. Instead of buying things just because (I had a serious thrifting problem last year...), I've learned to let an item sit in my mind for quite some time before pouncing. Things like a sequined skirt, a long black cardigan, and even more specific items (hello darlings) that I've been hankering after for months feel like guilt free purchases and natural additions to my wardrobe. And sometimes we all need those. 


Dhebby Wheezh said...

It looks so cozy.. Pretty you! Love this x

Leanna Kay said...

That blouse is beautiful. I bet it looks even more lovely in person. I adore pastels but I can't wear them.
Isn't target awesome? I could seriously spend way too much money there if I let myself.

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