Diamond in the Rough

Striped super soft tee, Gap. Cobalt blue cardigan, Target. Black skinny jeans, American Eagle. Smoke and Mirrors purse, Frock Stock. Glittery ankle boots, Princess by Vera Wang. Rhinestone and metal necklace, Bar III. 

      I highly value living on a college campus. I have all of the amenities I need within walking distance. The restaurants that I've found are spectacular. My friends and I all have our own little routines and way of life. Heck, in Maryville, there is a Target which is quite the step up from my home town.
      As much as I love to hate where I live sometimes, when it comes down to it, there are several pockets of beauty here. Whether that be natural beauty or the fact that a group of my friends helped to raise over one thousand dollars for the local free medical clinic, there are some things that I still cherish about where I live. 
      Not only do I find myself being optimistic about my backwards town, but my shoes are a literal representation of the metaphor I'm talking about. The trail that my sister and I found to take these pictures was unusually muddy from the few days of rain we had before snapping these pictures. My shoes remained unscathed though, minus some mud on the bottom. This outfit is indicative of the style I've been loving lately: simple, with some really standout accessories. 
     I hope everyone is having a lovely holiday season! Stay tuned tomorrow for a Christmas themed outfit post!


Carly Maddox said...

Love the necklace with those boots! Very cute outfit! :)


Charmaine said...

Great shoes! Lovely post as always, happy holidays!

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