Rockin' Vintage Pieces now on Etsy!

Thanks to my good friend Meagan for modeling this look for me! She literally has the perfect body for it.

     Although I would love to incorporate these two vintage finds into my fall wardrobe, I had to finally admit that they were just overwhelming on my petite frame. However, I definitely wanted to give other vintage enthusiasts the chance to wear the beautiful items. So, I styled an outfit for Meagan, had a little photo shoot, and here are the results!
     Brocade is such a huge trend this fall and I can definitely see why. It is one of my personal favorites because no matter what, you will look decadent in this vintage pattern. This particular jacket was found in the men's section at my local Goodwill, but I couldn't just leave it there. Several of my guy friends have tried it on and, despite the fact that many of them are skinny runners, it didn't fit any of them. 
     I came across the leather pants-now-shorts in a similar fashion. The label inside says size 11/12, but they make the perfect high waisted shorts for a size 2-4. Paired with tights and a knit sweater, I think these shorts are such an amazing staple for the colder months. I had originally intended to keep them for myself, but I think they would be much better suited for someone a wee bit taller. 
     To purchase these things (or some prints of my photography!), check out my Etsy shop. The listing for the jacket is here and the shorts are here


Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

What a pretty jacket! I love the pattern.
Almost Endearing

Kitsune-kun said...

Ha! Men's section, huh? Hm...

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