Electric Prep

Navy blazer, leather oxfords, thrifted. Striped super soft tee shirt, Gap. Florescent pink skinny jeans,rounded sunglasses, Target. Pink statement necklace, Armani Exchange. The Great Gatsby tote, Out of Print Clothing. Patrick's shoes, also thrifted.

     Whether you get it from Brooks Brothers or the little boys' section of your local thrift store (guilty!), a navy blazer is an awesome addition to your closet. After years of wearing one as part of my official attire for the best school organization I was in during high school, I hadn't quite lost my aversion to the menswear staple until I happened upon this absolutely perfect version at Goodwill. Now it is absolutely my outerwear of choice.
     Another item in my wardrobe that I've been getting quite a bit of use out of lately is this Gatsby tote. With the release date of the diCaprio movie postponed until May, my expectations are only building. I've been fascinated with the cover of the book that's portrayed on my tote since my stepfather gave me a copy of the novel to read early in my high school years. I didn't actually read the book until I was required to my junior year, but it quickly became one of my favorite novels of all time. Wearing my favorite items from other aspects of my life in apparel form just makes my fashion choices that much more personal.
    P.S.- Happy election day to those readers from the US! I hope those who are of age all exercised their right to vote. It was a great experience!


Autumn Jordan said...

smitten with your bright pink jeans. i like that you were able to incorporate these into a lovely fall look.

autumn jordan

Zuley Blue said...

I always liked that book. I ended up being in high school one of those people who fell in love with many of the books assinged. But I wish I could find things of my favorites that are cool. Like Wutherin Heights? Anyone? lol

Emily Devine said...

Just found you via Chictopia and oh my gosh, you are too adorable. I love how you styled your bright skinnies! And your tote is amazing, such a good book.

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