Orange, Garnet, Float Forever

Burnt orange cardigan, Anthropologie. Burgundy lace dress, Free People. Oatmeal knee socks, Target. Flat studded boots, ModCloth. Woven leather belt, thrifted. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse.

     The school spirit I'm showing by sporting Maryville College colors in this outfit is appropriate for the increase in my involvement this semester. Luckily, one of my favorite lace dresses from Free People (they seriously have the best selection ever) matches awesomely with my school colors. Like last year, I'm running for the cross country team. However, I'm also writing for the school paper and attending more school events than ever before. I'm incredibly proud to be a Scot, so showing my love for my school was no problem last weekend during the homecoming festivities. My roommate, Ari, was actually nominated as our sophomore representative for homecoming court and I couldn't be happier for her. 
     I'm also happy to feature more of the campus as a backdrop for some of my recent photo sessions. Having Patrick help me out means that I don't look quite as foolish as I would running back and forth from a tripod in a more highly populated area. We usually end up running into people we know while we are taking pictures and I sometimes wonder what they think about our frequent outings, camera in tow. But when it comes down to it, taking pictures is an activity that we both thoroughly enjoy. Not to mention that it is a great way of chronicling some of my favorite moments in our relationship. 
      Sophomore year has been a learning experience. I'm only in classes that are related to my majors and I'm doing more growing up than I did in all of last year combined. A giant hurdle that I've overcome this year is my inability to make professional phone calls. And by professional, I mean even calling in an order at a pizza place. But I digress. I am growing up. And I'm liking what I'm seeing. 


14 Shades of Grey said...

Your campus looks lovely. And good luck with all your sophomore year endeavors!

P/S: I just discovered your blog via Chictopia and am now a new follower :)

Rory said...

I am so loving the red and pinkish color paired together! Not something i'd usually think to put together--but you totally nailed it!! And the lipstick looks SO good :)
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SomeoneLikeYou said...

This is literally the cutest outfit I've seen in my entire life! Gahh, you are so beautiful it HURTS. Not to mention you have one stunning campus!

Anonymous said...

I love the monochromatic look going on here. It's quite stunning.

Girl and Closet said...

What a breathtaking setting and I adore the colours in your outfit, so pretty & inspiring!! xo

Melissa said...

I love that dress. It's so lovely.

<3 Melissa

irene wibowo said...

love the dress. :)
Irene Wibowo

Autumn Jordan said...

hello kitten, I am swoooooning over the color of your dress. It looks so lovely against your skin, and is such a delight departure of the more rich but muted colors of fall.

it's so nice to be hearing about the experiences of another college blogger. it's tough to balance all the school, life, and blog stuff. i'm so glad i stumbled upon your space.

autumn jordan

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