House 404

Peter Pan collared lace blouse, gift from my mother. Navy and white striped skirt, Tommy Hilfiger. Leather boots and canvas/leather belt, thrifted. Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse. Rounded sunglasses, Target.

     Across from the charming Vienna Coffee House in Maryville, there is a sight to behold. A glance across the sleepy street reveals a row of some incredible houses. While Maryville was full of hustle and bustle in its heyday, it's no longer quite the city it used to be. There are plenty of hints into the past, such as house 404 and the buildings on my college campus. Does the gleaming past hold the key to any future potential for this little town? I hear of new, exciting things happening nearby every week. I'm certainly not complaining about the historical aspect of Maryville, though, because I got the chance to poke about this beautiful, if decrepit, house. 
     Things that show the wear of time but are no longer inhabited by people seem to capture the human imagination like nothing else can. My ideal afternoon consists of finding as many abandoned buildings as I can, a feat I've attempted a few different times. While I'm not quite sure if this is the "norm" (especially considering my penchant for doing so in elaborate outfits), I will always cherish the places that I find as a testament to memories: both mine and those who inhabited the spaces before me. 


morgan said...

i love the eeriness/history of it all. the wear and tear of time is something to be observed more in a world where everything is constantly changing. beautiful photographs and what a great observation! and all i know about maryville is how much they used to beat my old college lagrange! ha!
following your blog now!

Kitsune-kun said...

so cool! I really miss hunting down abandoned haunts since moving to manhattan. they're not exactly easy to come by around here!

irene wibowo said...

love the outfit. :)
Irene Wibowo

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