Apples to Apples

Polka dot pleated skirt and suede ankle booties, thrifted. White tank top, Rue 21 from years ago. Cobalt cardigan, Target. Red patent belt, F21. Bird purse, vintage Margaret Smith.

     This weekend was the perfect way to send eighteen out in style. While my actual birthday isn't until tomorrow, I am so blessed to have gotten to have such a great time beforehand as well. Saturday night was one of those nights that I can hardly believe happened to me- it seemed like something out of a movie. Then, Sunday, my dad's lovely family came to visit me on campus and took me to Pigeon Forge to eat at one of the greatest restaurants ever- The Apple Barn. They further indulged me by bringing me a record player and some great albums as my present and my dad (see his beer and food blog here) even took these pictures for me.  
     I think a lot of people hesitate to embrace their birthdays not necessarily because it means that they are getting older, but because there are so many expectations for the day to be a certain way that they are bound to be disappointed. I have definitely decided to welcome the "no pressure" birthday into my life. I'm so glad that I will get to see my mom's family tomorrow and already got to spend time with so many great friends and my dad's family. It can only be great at this point.


Charmaine said...

I LOVE that bag! Happy birthday, I hope nineteen treats you well :).

Elanor said...

i'm one of those people who gets really stressed out when it's time for a birthday. i want it to be good and fun, but half the time i end up upset and disappointed. i need to embrace the relaxed attitude about it this time around!

happy 19th!! that's what is coming up for me too. :) i love your outfit. the length of the skirt is perfect.

Morgan said...

ah, good old pigeon forge! I have such wonderful childhood memories there. and i really, really love the first photograph. very well contoured.

daria said...

happy birthday! love your look and that bag is awesome!

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