Historically Accurate

Crop top, Marshall's. Seersucker circle skirt, American Apparel. Suede oxfords, Gap. Boater hat with polka dot bow, F21.

     These pictures are from the last full sunny day that I had on the island. The rest of the vacation was spent running from water spouts (a tornado over the ocean) and dodging rain storms, but I'm not complaining. I appreciate weather in all its varieties despite mumbling about the cold and rain all through the school year. Maybe I'm becoming less high maintenance (a bun is the best way to avoid looking like a drowned rat after walking in the rain), but even jumping over puddles constantly the rest of the week didn't bother me. 
     The beautiful cottages you see above are in the historic district of Jekyll Island. As far as vacation planning goes, where you stay really depends on what you would rather do. Beach bunnies might as well book in a less historical location because all of the waterfront at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel is on the river. While it is truly one of the most beautiful set of buildings I've seen in the South, I wouldn't have traded the quaint little beach front hotel we stayed at simply because of the access we had to so many different experiences. 
      However much fun I had while on the island, I will admit that my excitement wasn't entirely fulfilled until today- the day that I arrived in Savannah. It will be hard to find a place in the world that I am more in love with than Savannah, Georgia. Expect about a thousand pictures and gushing descriptions of just how much I feel at home.


Ksenia said...

Your photos are lovely! I don't know why but I always associate summer vacation at the beach with the '50s...a sentiment you've captured beautifully. :)

Ani said...

Such a perfect summer outfit.

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh so lovely!! This is so summery <3 Alex


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