On the Road

Tie dye blouse, (old) Forever 21. Polka dot shorts, LC by Lauren Conrad. Vintage woven leather belt and bag. Tan ankle booties, Target. DIY floral crown.

    These shorts are about the only thing I will wear while I'm traveling. Granted, the three hour drive down to Atlanta wouldn't even cause some to bat an eyelash, I still believe in being comfortable in the car. Especially because my house doesn't currently have air conditioning and sitting around in anything more than a sports bra and shorts just seems unbearable. 
      There's a lot going on in my life right now (and not in the "poor little fashion blogger" sense either), and amidst it I find myself wondering how much the way I dress really "matters"? As much as I love styling outfits and finding that perfect _______ (insert item here), going into the future means I really have to consider what it is that I want to "DO" when it comes to fashion. I can't sit around and type in excessive quotation marks and parenthetical interruptions forever, right? I know that clothing has the power to transform and express and all those other wonderful, confidence inducing verbs, but I know that I can be doing more than just posting my personal style on the internet.
      As always, thoughts on the issue are much appreciated. And don't worry, I'll keep posting. I can't stay away!


Saint Allison said...

You are soo adorable! Thank you for being part of the StyleSaint community.


Rory said...

Please don't leave us!!! I love your outfits Ashlyn! Gosh, this happens to me like once a week--i think ugh who even cares about my outfits anyway. I tell myself that people just comment on my blog because they want to spread their link and that no one ACTUALLY likes my style. But there are some commenters who keep coming back, and they always read what i have to say, and i realize that the small little audience that i do have...well, i wouldnt trade them for anything in the world! Maybe having a style blog wont GET me anywhere--but it sure does feel good to have SOMEONE (or multiple someones) who care, right? lots going on in my life right now too--not sure if it's the same as yours though---but i get where you're coming from. Blogging is whats keepin me sane (or maybe whats driving me insane...either way, i love it!) :)
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Rory said...

p.s. sorry for the frickin essay :)

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