Sunday Shopping Guide: Dear Suzy, When?

(Images via ANTWRANGLER and Focus)

     Moonrise Kingdom is an example of a film that I want to cultivate into part of my personality. I've always thought about the movies that I watch and the books that I read as more of a part of my soul than just a way to pass the time. That being said, I obviously don't take going to the movies lightly. There's nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying a nice, easygoing film, but I definitely prefer to spend my money and time on something that will be meaningful for years to come. 
      Wes Anderson's latest wasn't just some "hipster" bait, as many of the negative YouTube comments tried to point on on the trailer. Rather, it was a great story of innocence, love, and an escape for more than just the characters in the movie. I saw it in an old theatre on a trip to Atlanta (I took the trip specifically for the movie; however, my mom happened to be going on business travel so there was really no extra expense). 
      Overall, every time I try to think of reasons why you should see Moonrise Kingdom, I keep coming up with the same one. Why not see it?
Happiness at just seeing the poster :).

     I know it isn't terribly hard to emulate the 1960s style of the female lead, Suzy (played by Kara Hayward), but I still thought it would be fun to do some modern picks of what she might wear today. Although I'd definitely wear the outfit, I have to say that my favorite part is the book that I've chosen for her to read. It fits the description of the types of books that she looks for (you can see the animated shorts here) perfectly.

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