The Casual Fox

Gnome Enterprises tee shirt, find it here on Etsy. Vintage Ralph Lauren jeans, turned into cutoffs by me. Canvas messenger bag, marine supply store. Coral sandals, Gap. Essie nail polish in Orange, It's Obvious!  Timex watch.

      My affinity for foxes comes from the Disney classics Robin Hood and The Fox and The Hound. I adore the names Todd and Kit simply because they are associated with fox terminology. In a perfect world, I could have a loving, domesticated fox as a pet. But until that day comes, I'm quite content to have a fox face on my tee shirt. 
      Not only does this shirt satisfy my nostalgia for my old favorite movies, but it was also handprinted in Brooklyn and printed on an American Apparel shirt. I actually purchased the shirt from a local boutique, so there are so many ethical "wins" just for this one v-neck. With the inspiration drawn from other sources and the ethical practices involved in making the shirt, I'd say this will turn out to be one of my smartest purchases of the summer. 


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