Blackberries and Bluebirds

Bird and lace dress, Knitted Dove. Open weave cardigan and vintage loafers, thrifted. Necklace, Reverie for Madewell. Vintage briefcase purse, yard sale. Bird's nest ring, local boutique (similar). 

     The only things I typically purchase for myself are clothes and books (be it for reading or writing in). While I feel inclined to save up my money for some other grand reason, I always find myself spending it on clothing. I'll save up for a bit only to find some particular article that I want for my wardrobe. The fact that I don't drink (I'm not the legal age, anyways) or go out very often means that I can easily use my money on wardrobe updates while in school. However, sometimes I wonder if just because I can, does that mean that I should?
     While I  know that I depend on certain items (usually the ones that cost more) in my wardrobe much more than others, I also know that there is something addicting about spending money and getting new things. I simply fell in love with this gorgeous dress from Knitted Dove (after raving about my "original" bird dress), but I often feel as though it is hard to separate my love of style and fashion from rampant materialism.
     All this is certainly true, but frolicking in gorgeous scenery is enough to make me forget about it if only for a few minutes.

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Mici Mathonka said...

I love your skirt, it's so cute..

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