The Summer Uniform

Button up shirt, leather sandals, scarf used as headband, all thrifted. Belt and purse, vintage secondhand. Chambray skirt, Target kids' department. Pink and clear sunglasses, Betsey Johnson. Necklace, local artist. Thanks to Reid for ALL of the pictures. 

     As I told my friend Emma as we were walking out of class yesterday morning, this type of shirts are such 90s mom shirt. She replied, "Yeah they are. But I love them anyways!" That is about how I'm feeling about sleeveless button up tops right now. With a little, full skirt and some sunglasses, I believe I have just stumbled upon the recipe for my new summer uniform. 
     I was feeling very retro and well, I'll admit it, cute. I'm really glad Reid tagged along to indulge in my numerous picture taking requests. We had a lot of fun doing summer activities and the weather was just perfect. I have two weeks left of school, but my mind will definitely be lost in thoughts of summer. 


Amelia said...

pretty pretty! where is this? gorgeous girl, gorgeous place. :)

WearAbouts said...

I love the shoes! you look very vintage-y :) and i liiike it! :D The Betsey Johnson sunnies are perrff. Did you know she's going out of business? oh so sad i loved her wacky clothes. ah well.

Aliya said...

What a stunning backdrop! Where is that? And what an adorable outfit that is! I love your bad and sandals so much!!

x Aliya

Zuley Blue said...

Oh how wonderful that kid's skirt fits! I wear lots of boy stuff because it fits so nicely (like Marvel themed shirts...) and I would love to fit into some girl's stuff as well! So jealous. I love that skirt. OH NO! Betsey can't go out of business!

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